Our history

Barka Services bvba was founded in 2001 and based on substantial experience. The interest for this industry naturally came through the family genes;

Gabriël Verduyn

Gabriël Verduyn

Already during the war my father Gabriel Verduyn was, along with his sisters, an adept at growing and selling vegetables. Of course it was a certainty that products needed to be washed or edited. A lot of manual labor was involved, because modern machines previously didn’t exist yet.

Modernizing and speeding up the productivity have always been the first priorities of Gabriel Verduyn. Considering he had to construct the machines itself to improve, everything was built in house next to his vegetable business.

The initial processing machines were built and installed at Verduyn nv, which has become a leading company in the fruit trade and processing business.

Bart Verduyn

Bart Verduyn

In 1980 I (Bart Verduyn) left school after obtaining the diploma Electro-Mechanics. It was obvious that I took the technical stuff for my account. I was therefore increasingly rethinking and designing and installing. And I also started to look for new solutions.

Other vegetables companies must have the same problems too! That’s what we thought. From this point we are going to construct and trade in machines. Today we have a reliable and full-fledged business in designing, monitoring and the realization of small and larger projects.

Conclusion: We are the perfect partner for your vegetable processing, pumping plants and / or water treatment plants.

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