ENGINEERING , in the broadest sense of the word !

We design machines & systems for different industries and we work for international companies.
Barka Services bvba can devise the most complex production systems for you , development and realization .

Barka Services works with mr. Guido Roelstraete , bio-engineer, who has a broad knowledge and experience in the meat, fish and dairy production systems. Guido Roelstraete is specialized in process analysis and in designing solutions that contribute to the management of operational quality. One of his finest achievements was the development of a new cheese factory in Wervik (see gallery below) , as well as the development of a new cheese , on the market since the summer of 2013 : the ‘Flandrien’ cheese .

Creamery at Wervik :


Barka Services puts all her knowledge & experience in the design and realization of your project!


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We’re also your partner in:

  • All AutoCAD drawings .
  • Printing or plotting in color to A0 format .
  • Managing your project , big or small !
  • If you’re in need of a temporary technical staff, we can be your partner !
  • Hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Preparation of drawings , layout
  • Request quotes and processing in comparison chart
  • Organising workshops at your company or office .
  • We have our own meeting room with projector
  • Organisation, project management & planning .
  • Following up + consulting and management of suppliers .
  • and more…

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